Are you looking for someone to refinish your old, run-down hard wood floor? Real Wood Floors offers hardwood floor refinishing services in southwest Michigan. For over 20 years, our experts have brought life back to old floors, and we’re ready to start on your project!

Considering that hardwood floors are not cheap and how they can increase the value of your property, you likely want to do everything in your power to care for them. Over time, the finish can wear off, leaving your floors vulnerable and creating wood that is more susceptible to stains and damage.

The good news is Real Wood Floors has 20 years of experience doing hardwood floor refinishing in southwestern Michigan. We are up for the task of bringing even the weariest hardwood floors back to life.

Determining the Need for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

First off, Real Wood Floor’s team will need to identify whether or not your flooring would benefit from a refinish. It’s possible that it only needs a proper cleaning, oiling, or sealing. However, if we suspect deeper problems – you likely need hardwood floor refinishing.

The Process of Refinishing a Hardwood Floor

restoring hardwood flooringReal Wood Floors will set up a time to refinish your hardwood floor back to its original beauty. Here are the steps you can expect:

  • Sanding and buffing with the appropriate grit to preserve the flooring, while reaching healthy wood.
  • Vacuum thoroughly
  • Staining to desired color – we recommend browsing DuraSeal’s stain gallery when choosing your stain
  • Applying multiple coats of protective finish to the specified sheen (Bona Traffic HD)

Though this process might seem easy enough, it’s not an ideal job for a first time flooring do-it-yourselfer (DIY). Many individuals have tried to refinish their floor, only to over-sand or leave streaks in the finish. We have the experience to offer a like-new result. Additionally, this process requires expensive tools, like an industrial sander and buffer. Luckily, Real Wood Floors can help you achieve a great result.

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Real Wood Floors is the only company in the greater Kalamazoo area certified by the Bona® Certified Craftsman Program. Bona products are GREENGUARD certified, so rest assured that the products used in your home are not toxic to you and your family.

Keep in mind that refinishing hardwood flooring is ideal for hardwoods that are not necessarily damaged, but are lacking resilience, shine, and water resistance. Real Wood Floors does offer hardwood floor repair as a separate service. Naturally, there is some crossover between the two processes.

Are you are ready to see your hardwood flooring in its former glory? The experts at Real Wood Floors can give you the peace of mind that your floors can stand up to your household’s active lifestyle. Call 269-381-5479 today to set up an appointment, or request an appointment online. We will work with you to find a time for examining your flooring and providing a quote.

Real Wood Floors Uses Bona® GREENGUARD certified products on most of its floors

Real Wood Floors knows how important keeping your family healthy is, and that health can be at risk when highly toxic products are used in your home. This is why only Bona® products are used on customers’ floors. Bona® products are GREENGUARD certified, meaning they meet very stringent chemical emissions tests. The staff at Real Wood Floors works with flooring chemicals daily, so rest assured knowing that if the products we use are safe for us to be around all the time, they will be safe in your home.