Holiday house traffic? Let’s talk about area rugs.


Can an area rug ruin my hardwood floors?

When shopping for a new area rug, we have found that most people think about color, size and shape first. While an area rug can be an important part of your design, we encourage our customers to think first about the quality of the rug, and then consider the colors and patterns, and other design elements. Cheaper rugs sometimes have a backing that not only can scratch your floors, but might be full of chemicals that can be harmful to your pets and family.

What about the carpet tape?

While carpet tape is created specifically for keeping your rug from slipping, it’s not so great on your wood floors. It keeps the rugs from moving, but it leaves a sticky mess that is hard to clean. 

carpet-recommendation-real-wood-floors-kalamazooWhat about a carpet pad?

We like it when customers consider a pad for underneath their rugs. We suggest pads that are made from felt and one that isn’t made with any harsh chemicals. Not only will a carpet pad help keep your rug from sliding, it also provides extra cushion and comfort for the traffic through your home. Pads also soften sounds and help your rugs last longer.

If you’re local, we suggest heading to Modern Tile and Carpet. They sell great pads and they’ll even cut them to size for you. If you’re shopping online today, and you’re ready to make a purchase, we’d recommend this carpet pad over on Amazon Carpet Pad

As always, feel free to send an email, or a message on Facebook if you have any questions. Happy Thanksgiving week, friends.



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