Custom Engineered Hardwood Floors

engineered hardwood flooring
Engineered floors are custom made to whatever species, plank width, finish, and color you want. This variety and its stability make it the elite choice in hardwood flooring today.

If you truly want the best of the best or have a very specific color, species, or size requirement, an engineered wood floor is the way to go! Engineered hardwood floors consist of multiple layers of hardwood, adhered together to form planks. The top layer is the most expensive wood. Its what will be seen and walked on. This top layer is bonded to layers of less expensive, but still very high quality, hardwood at 90 degree angles, which gives engineered hardwood its amazing stability. This stability allows engineered floors to be installed over all types of subfloors, below or above grade. Engineered flooring works great over radiant heat. Real Wood Floors takes pride in offering only the utmost of quality in its engineered floors.

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